Sunday, June 13, 2021
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Girls were made aware by organizing the program under Mission Shakti

The program was organized under Mission Shakti at Kasturba Gandhi Residential Girls School located at Marua West on Palia Nighasan Road. Inauguration of the program, the school’s teacher Abhilasha gave important information about the International Women’s Day to the girls present for the women. School teachers Arpana Pandey and Poonam Rastogi explained the rights, security, respect and independence of women to the students of the school. During the program, girls and their mothers who got better marks in the set-2 examination were honored with Power Angel, poster contestants Jyoti Rana, Gracie Singh, Basanti Rana. Chandan Dwivedi from Ox Pham India Company along with his entire team participated in the event. During this, he gave various important information about education, health and safety to the girls. In the program, Ashish Vishwakarma gave information about equality of boys and girls through a debate.

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