Sunday, June 13, 2021
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Girl and goat beaten in a dispute over grazing goat in the field, goat died

In the village of Biswan Sitapur Police Station Sadarpur, the owner of the goat entered the field after beating the goat grazing girl and then hit the goat with a bat, which killed her on the spot, according to the information, Dhanipur Majra Kaimhara Kalan of the police station area The resident Mangu’s girl was grazing the goat along the banks of the pond outside the village with the children of the village that at around 11 pm one of its goats went to the farm of Suraj son Ram Akbal resident Kaluapura Mazra Kaimhara Kalan, due to which angry Suraj beat the goat with the girl Due to which the goat died on the spot, according to Mangu, the price of the goat was about 11 thousand rupees. At present, the victim has given a complaint in the police station. In this connection, information was tried from the station in-charge, but their number was telling outside the coverage area.

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