Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Geeta Puri Puri after years of waiting, met her mother in Parbhani

Geeta, who returned to India from Pakistan in 2015, has found her mother. Meena Pandre, who lives in Vajul in Aurangabad city of Maharashtra, has described Geeta as her daughter. Meena told the real name of Geeta Radha Waghmare. However, officials say that it can be scientifically proved only after DNA testing whether this woman is Geeta’s biological mother or not. Meena Pandre has told us that Geeta has a burn mark on her stomach. This point has been found correct. Meena’s first husband Sudhakar Waghmare died a few years ago and now lives near Aurangabad with her second husband. He told that when Meena met Geeta for the first time, she could not stop her tears. Purohit said that on the basis of his blurred memories of childhood, Geeta had told him in a gesture that there was a river near his house and there was sugarcane and groundnut cultivation. Along with this, there used to be a train with diesel engine. According to officials, these details match some places in Maharashtra Marathwada region.

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