Friday, September 17, 2021
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From heatwaves to rainfall records:An extreme July for Delhi’s weather

July is turning out to be a month of weather extremes in Delhi, scientists and independent weather experts said, recounting temperature and rainfall readings from that show that the first half of the month was unusually hot, before the tail end of turned uncharacteristically wet. The city has been breaking a weather record every month since August 2020. For instance, this February was the second warmest in 120 years, with the mean maximum temperature in the month touching 27.9 degrees Celsius, falling marginally short of the all-time record of 29.7 degrees Celsius in 2006. Then March this year recorded the hottest day in 76 years, with the mercury levels touching 40.1°C on March 29. But then, after a sweltering February and March, the conditions changed again in April and the lowest minimum temperature in at least a decade was recorded on April 4, at 11.7°C.

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