Friday, July 30, 2021
Home States Fog begins as Deepawali festival ends

Fog begins as Deepawali festival ends

The farmer was scared due to fog without rain. Farmers believe that fog without rain is not suitable for crops. It has the opposite effect on crops. On the other hand, vehicles were seen crawling in the highway due to dense fog. Due to the change in weather on Monday, it did not rain here but on Tuesday there was a thick fog. Its opposite effect is expected in crops. Farmer experts say that if the order of fog continues, it may have adverse effects in the crops of vegetables along with pulses and oilseeds. Because unseasonal fog greatly affects the crops. Due to thick fog, vehicles were seen crawling on the highway, lighting up. Due to poor visibility, vehicles could not run at the prescribed speed. The driver was upset by this. Due to the change in the weather, there has been an increase in the morning and evening cold. Due to this, people have started using warm clothes.

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