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Fast paddy purchase: DM

Taking information from farmers, DM Paddy procurement boom: DM Halia, Mirzapur. Sushil Kumar Patel, the district magistrate inspected the paddy purchasing center built in the state marketing center of the local development block. He got information about the purchase of paddy from the farmers who came to sell the paddy at the center. The District Magistrate directed the purchasing center in-charge Ranjan Singh to expedite the paddy purchase and get the paddy purchased. When the District Magistrate inquired about the purchase of paddy at the center from Ashutosh Tiwari, a farmer who came to sell paddy from Basuhara village, he talked about purchasing paddy according to the token number and expressed satisfaction with the paddy being purchased. The District Magistrate obtained information about the purchase of paddy from the regional farmers Ram Surat Singh, Rakesh Singh Kamlesh Kumar Pal, Ram Narayan Aghari, who came to sell paddy in Kriyendra. Purchase Center in-charge Ranjan Singh told the District Magistrate to purchase 5192 quintal 80 kg of paddy, and the District Collector directed the small farmers to speed up the purchase by giving preference to the paddy purchase. Talking to the District Magistrate, he said that the purchase and farmers being done at the purchasing center are satisfied.

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