Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Farmers Dissatisfaction Growing In Ganjam

Rajani Mohapatra Berhampur-29/07/21 Dissatisfaction with the new administration’s directive to register farmers in the Sorada block is growing. In many places, questions are now being raised about the plans of the state government and the central government. Farmers in Borsingi of this block under the Amrutulu Society have expressed dissatisfaction. The directives of the state government, one after another, are confusing the farmers. There are many questions as to who the farmers will actually work under. Most importantly, instead of delivering some written instructions to farmers in Sorada block, the officers are acting by instructing over phone. Farmers in the block have demanded that the Ganjam district magistrate should pay immediate special attention to resolve all these issues. According to farmers, farmers in the aforesaid village used to register their name under the Amrutulu Society. At present, the block administration has refused to register with the society. As per the government’s instructions, farmers will now be registered with the SHG group in their respective villages and farmers will be able to sell their paddy through the group in the coming days. With the registration of all farmers the responsibility for the purchase of paddy is now vested in the SHG Group. Nuagada, Borsingi, Hinjalkuda, and Palakatu SHGs are now in charge for this purpose. This year, farmers registered by the Amrutulu Society sold about seven to eight thousand quintals of paddy, while SHGs bought the same. Now all the responsibilities have been handed over to these groups, and definitely the number will double. It is difficult to say how much it is possible for these Self-Help Groups to buy and register farmers and fulfil all their responsibilities. Every farmers are shocked how far the responsibility of the entire block has been given to the four groups with such a sudden announcement. By this declaration many local leaders are likely to be involved in fraud registration. Many farmers will be severely affected in upcoming days. Farmers here say it is difficult to get the benefits they need now without registering in the society. The government launched the society for the benefit of farmers. The society will now be named only. Its main power will now be enjoyed by Self-Help Groups. Farmers in the Sorada block have complained that the decision will hurt farmers. Farmers here have demanded that the state government should pay close attention to the

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