Friday, July 30, 2021
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Farmer upset over paddy purchase center, not getting weighed

Due to the negligence of the center in-charge, farmers’ grains remain standing in the tractors for many days. Due to which farmers are forced to spend the night on the streets. FCI has stood on 22 trolleys standing for six days at the Mohanipur Paddy Purchase Center due to the negligence of the Farmer’s Grain Center Incharge. In this regard, the media team reached FCI’s Mohenipur at 11:30 pm, where the center in-charge Mahendra Pratap was absent there. Talked to Munshi Deepak Kumar, posted on behalf of the center in-charge there. He said that the register is with the center in-charge, therefore, the weighing of paddy cannot be told how much paddy has been purchased. An attempt was made to talk to Mahendra Pratap Singh, the center in-charge but could not talk to him and he was not present at the center till 11:30 pm. In this regard, Munshi Deepak Kumar told that the purchase has started from October 15. From November 19, trolleys of Malauna Khasiyari resident farmer Sahajaram Pathak, village Bagahi resident farmer Balram, Jagdishpur resident Rajit Ram, Chhangapurwa resident Khulawat, Kailaspur resident Mo Afzal .

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