Sunday, June 13, 2021
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Farmer scorched electricity pole in village Barsai

Sasni. Two days ago, due to thunderstorms and light rain, the farmer got burnt by electric current while working in the fields due to the fall of the electric pole in the village Barsai. The Samajwadi Party activists, who met former candidate Ramnarayan Kake, reached the village Barsai and met the victim and her family there and assured them of necessary action and compensation. Please tell that due to the storm and rain that happened two days ago, the line of the line leading to the tubewell of farmer Rajendra son Narottam fell in the village Barsai. Due to which he got scorched. Rajendra is being treated by a private doctor. Family members said that they had informed the department about the poll in December last year. But nobody listened. The spouses told the victim’s family that they would be recommended by the officers to help them in whatever way possible. Also the poles and wires will be repaired. During this time, Ramnarayan Kake and other sapai were present.

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