Friday, July 30, 2021
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Extensive loss of winter vegetables due to untimely rains in Sabrum, hands on the heads of farmers

By Shyamsundar Datta, Tripura State: The unseasonal rains of the last few days have caused severe damage to winter vegetables, causing financial losses to the farmers. About 80% of the vegetables in the subroom market come from the Daulbari area. Winter vegetables are grown all over Daulbari in the subroom and the farmers of the area are dependent on it but this time they are facing financial loss. Winter vegetables are grown in this area around Daulbari. Most of this land is on the other side of its cutting. At other times of the year, farmers see the benefits of marketing winter vegetables, but this time their hands are on their heads. Not only in Daulbari area but also in other places of subroom like Manughat, Srinagar, Kalachhara, Satchad, Sinduk Pathar, Jackfruit stick, Jalefa, winter vegetables are severely damaged due to this untimely rain. The supply of winter vegetables in the vegetable market of Sabroom is much less than the requirement due to the loss of vegetables due to this untimely rain. As a result, the prices of winter vegetables skyrocketed. The sub-divisional agriculture department is indifferent in this regard. In this untimely rain, the paddy farmers have been hit only like winter vegetables. Germination has started in the paddy field. As a result, the paddy crop has been completely destroyed.

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