Friday, September 17, 2021
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EWS entries latest flashpoint between private schools, govt

An association of private schools in the Capital said they will not follow the state education department’s orders on granting admission to all students from economically weaker sections (EWS) in entry-level classes irrespective of entries under the general category, arguing that the order violates the Right to Education (RTE) Act and a 2013 Delhi high court order in a similar case. Government officials, however, denied any violation. Till last year, private schools admitted one EWS student from the government’s list for every three admissions under the general category in entry-level classes (nursery, KG, and class 1), as part of the 25% reservation guaranteed to EWS/disadvantaged group (DG) students in entry-level classes under the RTE Act. On July 9, the Delhi directorate of education (DoE) said that private schools will have to admit all allotted EWS children irrespective of general category entries. It added that institutes which want an exemption from this rule because of fewer general admissions will need to seek the directorate’s permission after making efforts to fill all general seats.

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