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Everybody’s love for love is small a morva

The area in Mehdaval Sant Kabir Nagar Belhar these days is seen buzzing with the national bird peacock whether in the Belwa jungle or in the foothills of the Budha River in Sursa Chamanjot, peacocks are present with their families, which have become the center of attraction of the people. People were watching the spectacle stopped and saw a similar view on Sunday. According to the information received by a Chaudhary correspondent in his camera, where the peacock enjoys the pride of the national bird, Lord Krishna also loved the peacock but the environment The number of peacocks was reduced due to pollution, due to which the peacock hunting was also banned these days. The number of peacocks in Belwa jungle and Sursa Chamanjot jungle or Rajghat river bank of Belhar region has increased significantly on the roadside on Sunday. Seeing the Moro dancing, there was a huge crowd, meanwhile, the picture of the peacock was captured on camera, people say that the area where the peacocks live is very prosperous.

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