Monday, June 21, 2021
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Emotional farewell given on teacher’s transfer

Saadabad, who attended the farewell of the female male V teacher of the village. All the staff and villagers of the school organized their felicitation ceremony, farewell ceremony after the inter-school transfer of assistant teacher Akansha Verma of Sambilian school Garhi Ahbaran to her planetary district. Arun Kumar Sharma, President of Primary Teacher’s Association Sahapu, the chief guest at the program, said that the aspiration of the sister aspiration is less than appreciated. In fact, it seemed that today a daughter is leaving her family. This behavior of that daughter is the result of the education given by her to the children with loyalty and honesty. Thank you, such a daughter, who left an indelible mark. I appeal to all the sisters involved in this education work and request that we should discharge our work with full sincerity and honesty. Good people are respected even today. On this occasion, all the teachers including the headmaster of the school, Atar Singh were welcomed by the teachers by hoisting the shawls and presenting a logo. They were welcomed by the chief of the village Omkar Singh by presenting the insignia of the chief guest and Akanksha Verma.

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