Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Educational excursion to students

44 students of 12th Agriculture of Government Higher Secondary School of Bistan were given an educational tour. NP Sahu informed him about milk collection, fat testing, milk testing and packing at Sanchi Milk Plant. At the Zonal Agricultural Research Center, Dr. RK Singh showed the fields of improved varieties of various medicinal crops Ashwagandha, Sarvagandha White Musli, Wheat, Gram, Mustard. After giving information, VS Barde of Horticulture Department gave information about flowers like rose, jaggery, jasmine, marigold etc. He showed grafting, budding, banding. Retired garden extension officer DS Yadav gave information and importance of varieties of mango, guava, lemon, amla etc. Water harvesting techniques and water storage tanks were also inspected in the area. During this time the school’s Chandan Jarve, Ravindra Patil, Shalini Tiwari, Principal NN Malaviya were present.

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