Saturday, September 25, 2021
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During the treatment of the young man, the culprits had beaten up and killed the young man.

Youth died during treatment of Jamuna Colri resident, criminals had beaten and bike with young man, burnt by fire, criminals set fire to his motorcycle after killing a young man on 2 February 2021 under the police station Bearmada. He was burnt to death and the injured young man was undergoing treatment at Bilaspur Sims Hospital, who died on 20 March 2021, Rahul Rawat, a resident of Jamuna Colliery under Bearmada area, father Bihari Rawat, was received by unidentified miscreants on 2 February 2021. Jamuna Colliery was thrown into a stunned state by a double story garden, when the local people saw the young man injured and bled, he was informed to the police station Bearmada, then picked up the young man in unconscious state and took him to Kotma Kalari Hospital. Went from where he was referred to Bilaspur Seams Hospital for treatment. On the second day of the incident, the youth’s Apache motorcycle was found in a fully burnt state near Rathore Mohalla Jamuna Callari Nala, which was reported by Police Station Bearmada Police. Given to the police but till date the police have failed to find out the criminals who beat and injured the youth and burnt the motorcycle

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