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During the discourse in Sri Ramakatha, Bole Katha Vyas spent 24 hours an hour with the family.

Pandit Shriram Awasthi, who came from Chitrakoot in the nine-day Shri Ram Katha at the railway colony, said during the discourse that today, brothers and brothers quarrel over the partition. Not only this, elderly mothers also distribute fathers with property. He urged the people of Shri Ram Katha Vyas Gaddi not to divide the parents. Let both be the same in old age. On the fourth day of the nine-day Sri Ram Katha held at the Amusement House of the Railway Colony under the joint auspices of Shiva Sundar Kand Seva Samiti and the Railway Staff, Katha Vyas Maharaj enthralled the audience by narrating the tale of Tadika slaughter. Maharaj Shri said that today’s society is getting confused and attracted towards Western civilization. Due to which it is adversely affecting our culture. Fights are going on between the division of property, even this is fine. But parents are also being divided. He pleaded with all the people to fold hands and allow the parents to be together.

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