Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Double Murder Revealed in Balrampur

Journalist and his partner were burnt alive by putting sanitizer on; 3 accused arrested from Balrampur. Accused of police arrest. The incident took place in the rural Kotwali area on the night of November 27, as the news of the killing of government money was perpetrated in Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh, three days before the murder of journalist Rakesh Singh and his accomplice. Ka was revealed by the police on Monday. Both were lit with a sanitizer made of alcohol. Police has arrested three accused in this case. According to the police, both were killed in writing the news of Bandarbant happening in the Pradhan Nidhi and in the dispute of money transaction. At present, all the accused have been sent to jail. Journalist Rakesh Singh. Sitting with alcohol, then put sanitizer on fire, journalist Rakesh Singh and his partner Pintu Sahu, living in village Kalwari of Kotwali village, were burnt alive on the night of 27 November. The wife of the deceased journalist warned of self-immolation if not disclosed soon. Acting in the case of the police, the entire case was revealed today.

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