Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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DM Divya Mittal herself became the beneficiary

DM Divya Mittal presented herself as a TB beneficiary at the vaccination center of the MCH wing of the District Hospital. As soon as he entered the wing, he said that my name is Sanju Gupta. I would like to be corona vaccinated. During this time, the policemen present there, seeing the name in the list, asked them to go inside and they asked that they have to check the temperature, mobile message, ID card as well as body temperature before going inside. Everyone corrected the mistake. After this, DM went inside. Going to the waiting hall and going to the Verifier, he repeated the same thing. Verifier said that your name is not in the list. After this, the DM told that if someone reaches here, it is necessary that they will reach the gate only after checking. Otherwise he will not be able to cross the gate. After this, it was revealed that the name is there, but the other team is in the list. In front of every volunteer posted from the vaccination room to the monitoring room, he presented himself as the beneficiary of the vaccine and explained his shortcomings.

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