Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Diesel tanker caught fire, stirred up

As soon as a tanker carrying diesel from Mughalsarai to Anpara’s petrol pump reached Varanasi Shaktinagar main road near Kashi turn, suddenly the tanker’s tires caught fire, causing a stir. On seeing the main road, a queue of vehicles started on both sides, which blocked the main road. A tanker from Mughalsarai took diesel and drove to Durga filling station, as soon as the tanker reached near Kashi Mor, the tanker’s tires caught fire. The driver parked the tanker as soon as he saw the fire. The rising flames stirred the surrounding people. Driver Ramanand Pandey tried to overcome the fire by pouring sand and water with the help of local Rahul, Abhishek, Raju etc. but the fire started growing. Anpara Kotwal Vijay Pratap Singh, who arrived at the information, informed the fire personnel of the Anpara project. Firearm workers arrived at a hurry and got the fire under control, till then the main road was jammed for several kilometers on both sides. It is being told that if the fire brigade were to stay for a while, then a tanker full of diesel could become a fireball. Driver Ramanand Pandey said that due to the brake shoe jam, friction started in the tires, which led to the fire.

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