Friday, July 30, 2021
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DFO taught using snake catching kit

A special effort has been made by Akashdeep Badhavan Divisional Forest Officer Siddharth Nagar to get rid of people living in the residential areas of Siddharthnagar district from snakes and other poisonous creatures. Which he has given necessary instructions by making available to all the range offices of the district. All the Regional Forest Officers at their office by the Divisional Forest Officer receive a small snake catching kit telescopic rad, a few fireproof galbs, a small and a special flashlight made by a company from Ada Switzerland, which gets to the Para Military Force in Chhattisgarh. A drone camera providing mega phone was distributed to monitor areas. Thus total snake catching telescopic rad 15, small special flashlight 25 and 2 big special flashlight, mega phone 5, fireproof galbs 10 were distributed. Divisional forest officer said that each range-wise team of the district has been trained by the experts of snake and other fauna at Ashfaqulla Zoological Park in Gorakhpur to catch these poisonous animals.

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