Wednesday, June 23, 2021
Home States Development of community is not possible without education: Shyamlal

Development of community is not possible without education: Shyamlal

On Friday, the Free Most Coaching Center was inaugurated under the leadership of Phool Chandra Gautam in Gram Sabha Vinayakpur of development block Kudwar. For the said coaching, the head Rakesh Yadav gifted the white board. On the occasion, Shyamlal Nishad “Guruji”, the director of the Most Welfare Institute, said that upliftment and self-reliance of the society can only be done through quality education, so the reading of children should be given priority because without the education of the community is not possible. And the progress of the country is not possible without the progress of the backward community. Most district convenor Zeeshan Ahmed said that the awareness of improving the education system of children being wasted due to the information about the inauguration and operation of free most of the free coaching by village most welfare institutions. Most Secretary Ram Ujagir Yadav, Kotdar Ram Karan, Hariprakash, Shani, Sachin Kumar, Bhima Sagar, Phoolchand Buddhist, Nandlal, Pradeep Kumar, Ashish Kumar, Lalchand, Rajesh Kumar Buddhist, Vipin Kumar, Shiv Kumar, Ramesh Kumar Nishad, on the occasion Dinesh Vishwakarma, Pramod Kumar, Ram Niranjan Pal, Anil Kumar, Ram Naresh, Mahavir, Vishwanath, Bhimsen, Pradeep Kumar, Mukesh Kumar Kori, Surendra Kumar Kori, Shravan Kumar Buddh, Asgar Ali, Bhola Shankar, Vipat Kori, Ram Bhajan Kori, A large number of people were present including Mitha Lal, Anita Devi, Banshraj Kori, Ram Pratap Kori, Surendra Yadav, Raghavendra, Suraj, Santosh, Bablu, Ram Kumar, Punnavasi Kori.

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