Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Demonstration by farmers on agricultural bills and problems

Jamabada, which had been farmers for hours at Nayabagh Tirahe, was stationed in large quantity by the police force stationed at Sadarabad. After the Mathura Marg on the local problems and agriculture bill, the farmers organized a sit-in demonstration on the Tiraha under the leadership of the farmers union, here after the farmer leader fiercely staged a sit-in protest on the government for hours, after submitting a memorandum to the tehsildar to abolish black laws and local The problems of the issues also sought to be resolved in the interest of the farmer. Addressing the protest demonstration by Kisan Union District President Udaypal Singh, Chandresh Choudhary, Ishaan Choudhary, etc., it was clearly stated that till the Central Government does not withdraw these agricultural bills, the farmer here will be agitating from time to time. In the memorandum submitted by the leaders to the Governor to Tehsildar Jyotsna Singh, it has been said that the farmers have doubled for the last 75 days and three laws have been passed by the central government without any parliamentary procedure in the Corona period regarding the upliftment. These laws are being opposed by the peasant colleagues and the leaders of the organization.

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