Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Demand to remove obstruction in road construction

Demand to remove obstruction in road construction Encroachment has remained a barrier in the construction of the road from the Indravati River to the Government Higher Secondary School in Bistan. On this, the traders association submitted a memorandum to the Khargone SDM demanding smooth movement and orderly construction. Traders said that the work of CC road construction is being done by GHV Company in the opposite direction as per the guideline of the government. In this construction, only five to six meters of road is being widened by the company. While construction work of 10 meters should be done. The widening of such a small road will cause problems in traffic. This route passes through agricultural produce markets, ambulances, fire brigades, tankers for drinking water distribution and other vehicles. Trouble in evacuating other vehicles will increase till Bhagwanpura Headquarters, Sirwell, Umrakhali, Barud, Sendhwa. The traders demand that the obstruction in the construction work should be removed and the construction work done according to the prescribed criteria. During this period Sangh presidents Sanjay Soni, Rajesh Malaviya, Rajesh Gupta, Atul Bhau, Hiralal Yadav, Rajesh Patil, Titu Dangi were present.

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