Saturday, May 15, 2021
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Covid’s havoc in the district, but rising in weekly markets

District Hapur, where the Kovid-19 epidemic is again doing its full thrust in the district, for which top officials of district Hapur, all the way back, Hapur district officer and Hapur captain ordered all, are appealing on appeal to public Put a face mask on your face, create a special distance, but will reveal the claims of all these, the weekly market under the police station area of ​​Hapur district will be open on Tuesday, where it is seen that there is no shopper or customer face mask. Social dispensation can become the epicenter of the outbreak of the weekly market on Tuesday, where the government and government is administering appeals to the public, while all the rules and regulations of the orders are flying, the weekly market is openly flushed on Tuesday, no rules No no law no one has to show care about their life.

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