Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Councilors opposed Wasim Rizvi’s statement

Today the meeting of the councilors took place at the residence of Councilor Mansoor Badar, in which the councilors strongly urged the statement of Wasim Rizvi in ​​a note, the councilors have sent their letters / memorandum to His Excellency through the appropriate means Councilor Mansoor Badar said that the Quran is a Majid Akashi book. And since 1400 years, it has not been a damn thing, because its right is only to God, the real place of a badass man like Wasim Rizvi is a madkhana or jail. Councilors Shahzad Malik and Shahid Qureshi said that Shia and Sunni community on this issue This man’s brain should be treated on a platform. Councilor Saeed Siddiqui and Dr. Ahsan said that this fucking man who is not even worthy of being called a man wants to spoil the peace of India Councilor Nashad Raja and Salim said that we Shakil Pradhan and Naseem councilor said that the government will be punished, it is confident of the law of India, and the government should register a case against it and send it to jail on this occasion Councilor Imran Saifi, Senior Councilor Haji Bahar Ansari, Nasim Kallu, Amjad Irshad and Wajid Ali Be present.

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