Saturday, July 24, 2021
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Corona vaccination camps were organized at 16 centers

Siddharthanagar has so far caused more than 10 deaths due to corona. These deaths have taken place in Nagar Panchayat Dumriaganj, Bevan, Khakhargadi, Bhadariya etc. Keeping this in mind, the SDM directed to take special vigilance. Vaccination is the only remedy to prevent Kovid-19. Corona vaccination camps were set up at 16 centers including primary health centers at Dumriaganj. The camp was inspected by tahsil level officials including SDM Tribhuvan, BDO Sushil Kumar Agarhari. The responsibility of Kotdar and Rojgar Sevaks was also ensured at each of the centers, as well as a police department soldier has also been posted on the camp. So that more and more people benefit from the camp. This camp will be organized on all primary health centers and Health Health Wellness Center on Monday, Thursday and Friday. People were appealed that if not vaccinated, there would be serious consequences. May even occur until death. He instructed everyone to take special vigilance.

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