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Corona also gave up in front of Faith’s amazing encounter

Chawrasi Kosi Parikrama, which started from Naimish, started in Naimish again after the rest of the night, after the rest of the morning, the Padava will depart from Naimisharanya to Kuluha Barethi. The next Padava Kulva started preparing for the journey towards Barethi. The Chaurasi Kosi Parikrama Path with Shankhadhwani resonated with Ramanam’s Jayghosh. Raising the bundle of luggage in the hands on the head, the pilgrims encamped on the Nave Padao Naimisharanya with the visit of Naimish Nath riding from Naveesh Naimisharanya towards Naveeshranya. At four o’clock in the morning, Ramadal started the devotion of Naimish once again since late in the night, after the bhajan kirtan and night’s rest, the devotees raised the bundle of goods in the head and hands, moving from Naimisharanya towards Chitrakoot Dham. Let’s go.

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