Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Complaint with DM was heavy, crusher owner accused of assault

Complaining of stone crusher and illegal mining imposed against the standards came as a shock to a complainant. The crusher owner’s operatives beat up the complainant. The victim alleges that the police, along with the stone crusher owner, is pressurizing him to take a decision. Actually, the whole matter is about Bertha Korsi village of Kotwali Behat area of ​​Saharanpur district. Govinda Putra Pritam Singh, a resident of Bertha Korsi, told that a stone crusher named Saharanpur Stone Crusher has been installed near his village. Which is contrary to the standards and the distance from the village to the crusher is quite short. He complained against the crusher standards by giving a letter of complaint to CM Portal and District Magistrate Akhilesh Singh. The victim says that the stone crusher owner is pressurizing him on the verdict. The victim also alleges that the crusher owner also performs illegal mining. It is alleged that illegal mining was also being done on Monday morning. Whose victim was making the video.

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