Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Collector discussed with religious leaders, officials of various organizations

Barwani Collector Shri Shivraj Singh Verma held a discussion with the gurus of various religions, office bearers of various social, professional, voluntary organizations in the district through video conferencing on Friday evening. During this, he told that although the number of Corona affected people is increasing rapidly in the district, the district administration has made proper arrangements to treat any situation, no matter how many Corona affected people. All the people of the society need to give their own contribution in convincing the people, following the rules of misconceptions, social distance, masking in them. So that we can effectively end the influence of Corona growing in the district. In this video conferencing of the collector, the religious leaders of various societies of Barwani Nagar, officials of various organizations, voluntary organizations directly participated in the collectorate auditorium and the people present in various tehsils participated through the video conferencing. During the video conferencing, the Collector elaborated on the benefits of roko-toka campaign, social distance, masking in the district, and the “Kill Corona” campaign starting from April 10. Make aware . The Collector called upon all the people gathered through video conferencing to provide their support in making the people aware, 100% vaccinated on their behalf. So that our district can also be freed from the influence of Corona as soon as possible. During this, the collector informed that as per the instructions of the government, lock-down is being done in urban areas and towns in the district from 6 to 6 am every Friday evening till 6 April. It is necessary for everyone to follow it. During this, the collector informed that a proposal has been sent at the government level to allow the decision taken in the district disaster management meeting. If permission is obtained from the government level, the period of this lock down running from Friday to Monday morning will be extended to 6 am on April 19.

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