Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Clean survey being mocked, garbage was found in a large drain situated at Mirdahi Tola

Biswan Sitapur: On one hand, lakhs of rupees are being spent on publicity to try to bring the city to a number in clean sanitation, on the other hand, the slogan of clean survey is being given, on the other side, the dirt spread in the streets of the city is bad for the people of the city. Is done. Most of the mohallas in the twentieth town are covered with filth, the sewers are filled with mud, which looks as if the number 1 in sanitation is made only on paper. Littering has been piled up in the big drain located on the border of Mohalla Mian Ganj Daira and Miradahi Tola in the twentieth town. People around the area have alleged that the said drain has not been cleaned for over 2 years, causing litter piles in the drain. Due to which there is a risk of spreading diseases. Laik says that there is a religious site in the neighborhood of the drain, due to which the odor emanating from the drain causes bad luck to the people. Monis says that there is a danger of spreading diseases due to the filth stuck in the drain. Bar have complained but the drainage is not being cleaned.

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