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City of devotees settled at the first stop

Ramadal has established a city of faith in Korauna-Zarigwan, the first stop of the parikrama. This place itself holds mythological history. Maharishi Dadhichi made the first stop. In the Treta Yuga, Lord Shri Ram came and rested at this place during the parikrama. It is believed that Lord Krishna also reached this earth in Dwapara Yuga. Due to the debut of Lord Shri Krishna, Dwarkadhish Temple has been established at this place. A pilgrimage is located close to the temple, in which devotees take a bath during the parikrama. This time, devotees will be able to have a glimpse of the historical and mythical Barah Kup here this time. It is believed that the Pandavas also came to this land during exile. The place where the Pandavas performed the Ashwamedha Yajna and offered prayers with chants, the same place of worship is called Barah Kup.

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