Sunday, June 20, 2021
Home States Ceuta MLA inspects sugarcane purchasing centers

Ceuta MLA inspects sugarcane purchasing centers

MLA Gyan Tiwari inspected the sugarcane center Gonda Deoria and Majhgawan of Mahmudabad sugar mill in his area on Wednesday. During this time the MLA got a lot of flaws. Sugar cane weights at both these centers have been closed for several days. The reason is that the transporter that has been selected by the sugar mill for lifting sugarcane does not have trucks and vehicles. Due to which the work of transportation from the sugarcane purchasing center is not being done. Sugarcane farmers are upset due to the huge crowd at the sugarcane centers. Sugarcane farmers told the MLA that due to lack of vehicles, they have been standing with their talis for several days, due to which the sugarcane has dried up, the slip has deteriorated due to the slip time. The farmers told the MLA that the officials are not hearing them.

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