Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Celebration of 41st Establishment Day at the initiative of DYFI Teliamura Subdivision Committee

By Shyamsundar Datta, Tripura State: DYFI Teliamura Sub-Divisional Committee organized the 41st founding day of the organization in Teliamura. The first march of the Democratic Youth Federation of India started on November 3, 1980 in Ludhiana, Punjab. Forty-one years have passed. Therefore, the 41st founding day was celebrated with due dignity on the initiative of the Teliamura subdivision committee of the organization along with the whole country and the state of Tripura. The 41st founding day was celebrated on Tuesday at 10 am by hoisting the flag in front of the CPIM Teliamura Committee office and laying wreaths at the Shaheed Bedi. Ranju Das, secretary of the Teliamura sub-divisional committee of the organization, Hemant Kumar Jamatia, leader of the Tutan Dev mass movement, Subhash Nath Subir Sen and other leaders and members were present. Talking about the founding day, state leader Tutan Dev said the organization has set foot at 41 after completing 40 years from the beginning till today. This organization will continue to work in the interest of the society and the people in the days to come.

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