Monday, May 10, 2021
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CC center rebuilt in Khargone district

CC center rebuilt in Khargone district Khargone In view of the increasing transition of Corona, CC centers have been restarted at various places in the district. According to the information received from the Health Department, 100 beds have been prepared in the hostel located at Umrakhali Road in Khargone. CMHO Dr. SK Saral said that 30 patients have been kept here on Thursday. Similarly, the polytechnic college of Sanavad has a full preparation of 50 beds. If needed, the patient will be placed here immediately. Preparation of 20 additional beds has also been done at Barwah Civil Hospital. Mandleshwar SDM Milind Dhoke said that the 100-bed CC center built in Maheshwar’s Girls Hostel has been started. Currently 2 patients are receiving health benefits here. Bhikangaon Naib Tehsildar Mamta Mimarot said that a 50-bed CC center in Bhikangaon has been fully prepared. Patients will be kept here from Friday. CMHO Dr. Saral said that such infected patients will be kept in CC centers made in different places, who are suffering from very few symptoms. Patients placed here will also be given full treatment when needed. Continuous doctor visits will also be held at CC centers. Patients will also be seen by the MD doctor from time to time.

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