Sunday, June 20, 2021
Home States Birth of a child with a heart defect without a deformity test

Birth of a child with a heart defect without a deformity test

Fear of adverse effects on the health of the baby and mother due to non-regular check-ups of pregnant women due to corona lockout has been underlined by a case in Nalasopara. A mother in Nalasopara was delayed in giving birth to a baby with a heart defect due to a failure to perform an anomaly test to diagnose dementia in infants. The family is worried about the treatment as the newborn will have to undergo three heart surgeries. Due to the lockout, regular check-ups of pregnant women almost stopped. Therefore, Loksatta had on April 14 published a report underlining the serious consequences of not being able to diagnose the dangers of deformities, weight and growth in children in time. After eight to nine months, these side effects begin to show.

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