Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Bhai Dooj is a festival all sisters wish for long life by tilak their brother but without a single…

Today is the festival of Bhai Dooj. All the sisters wish for a long life by tilak their brother, but there is also a 7-year-old sister of a mother without police for the last 6 months with her father to get her 2-year-old brother. , Is circling the court and is crying and remembering his brother to this day and there is no one to help him. Mannalal Prajapati Advocate is keeping his child unofficially and taking away his sister from brother and father from his son. Since Mannalal Prajapati Advocate Hamirpur is a senior advocate in the district, the police administration is also completely subdued in front of them and they are not even taking the summons sent by the court several times. Because they know very well that they are lawyers and nothing can be done by them, now that poor sister should tell her sorrow, how to celebrate Bhai Dooj, to whom to ask for help.

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