Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Be careful, beds in private hospitals are full, in coming to get infected patients admitted

Be careful, the beds are getting full in private hospitals, the problem of getting infected patients admitted, due to increase in the number of Kovid infected people in the city, the beds of oxygen and HDU in private hospitals are getting full. In such a situation, many of the patients have to go astray to get admitted to private hospitals. In many private hospitals of the city, the prescribed beds of ICU have also become full. Out of a total of 3814 beds in 45 private hospitals, 2480 beds are vacant. At the same time, 739 beds out of a total of 921 beds in four hospitals belonging to the Medical College are vacant. In this way, in Indore district, 1516 patients are admitted in 4735 beds available in 49 hospitals prescribed for Kovid Infections. Currently 3219 beds are vacant. According to the doctors, there has been an increase in the number of seriously infected patients in the hospital at present. Due to this, beds are getting full in hospitals.

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