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Baggi collided with the line of eleven thousand at Barat Chadhat in village Ajroi of Sasni

Sasni. About half a dozen people were injured due to electrocution due to the procession. In a hurry, people came to the health center with injured people. Police came on the spot after receiving information. The condition is reported to be satisfactory after treatment. After this the villagers breathed peace. Actually on Wednesday, the sister of Tinku son Banbari Lal, a resident of village Ajaroi, was to be married. Whose marriage came from village Badesra Atrauli in Aligarh district, Barat village Ajroi. In which the bad instruments of village Darkauli were come. Barat was climbing in the village late at night. It is said that eleven thousand power lines have been built in the village. Whose strings are quite low. There is a fear of accident. It is said that while climbing the boat, the buggy carrying the groom collided with the line. Which led to a fault in the line. Screaming and chaos broke out on the spot. About half a dozen people were injured in the accident. Which includes four badgers and a Barati Suresh Chandra and a Barati-riddled Vinod. On receiving the information, the police reached the spot and brought the ambulance to the health center from where Hathras has been sent. Since the ravaged villages belonged to Darkauli. Village head Madan Fauji of Darkauli has gone to Aligarh with a seriously injured man. The rest of the condition is said to be satisfactory.

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