Sunday, June 13, 2021
Home States Ara forest department remained blind on green trees running indiscriminately

Ara forest department remained blind on green trees running indiscriminately

Billgram The forest department office is located just a short distance from the tehsil office, which has duties of officers and other employees including subordinates. The salaries are also received from the government every month. In return, the responsibility of tree protection and plantation in the tehsil range. It is the work of these employees only, but the old tradition of settling all this work on paper continues even today. Sometimes in the darkness of night, the timber contractor day by day, sabotaging the plantation drive due to people coming on the green trees in broad daylight The nights are progressing quadruple. But the officer occupying the Tehsil Headquarters does not see tractor trolleys and loaders loaded with illegally prohibited timber. Which is a very worrying and thoughtful question, which may not be answered by the concerned department officials but Vishwat According to what is received from the sources, the facility of cutting down of restricted trees is provided by the department along with offering to the people along with declaring the trees as disposable.

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