Tuesday, June 15, 2021
Home States Allegations of rigging in cleanliness of canals

Allegations of rigging in cleanliness of canals

The allegations of rigging of lakhs of rupees by the JE and contractors of the irrigation department have come to light in the name of cleaning the canals originating from Banganga and Semra Sagar of the Shohratgarh tehsil area. According to the information received, a complaint has been lodged on the Chief Minister’s portal Jansunwai about the fraud being carried out by the area in cleaning the canal. Which showed that in the name of cleanliness of canals coming out of Banganga River and Semra Sagar of Shohratgarh Tehsil area, J.E. of Irrigation Department And with the collusion of contractors, the work of millions of rupees fails. In the name of cleanliness, the canals are cleaned only from 100 to 200 meters, even those that fall on the side of the road make the officer feel that the entire canal has been cleaned, and seeing this work, the entire canal is cleaned Is paid off and later the share of his share is divided.

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