Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Agents went on strike to protest against privatization

In protest against the privatization of LIC company in Santkabirnagar district of UP, the agents have now raised their one-day symbolic strike, protesting and shouted slogans against the Government of India and said that the strike will continue till privatization stops. App Vinod Kumar Bhardwaj’s special report will tell you that like the banks of the Government of India, now the LIC company has also decided to privatize the government and in such a situation, the employees of the LIC company along with the staff officers are also getting worried about which LIC The agents sit at the gate of the LIC office, protesting fiercely and shouting slogans against the Government of India, in such a situation, in such a situation, not only the people of the LIC department but also the consumer are worried about the privatization after the privatization of the LIC agents. LIC is the agent and the Government of India does not want LIC to be privatized at any cost.

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