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Aashram Chapter 2 – The Dark Side review: More of the same

Baba Nirala is back. And that’s a really rapid comeback: at the end of season one of Aashram in August, we’d run the gamut of the murky goings-on in the Baba’s (Bobby Deol) fortress-like ashram, a place of piousness on the surface, but a den of roiling vice underneath.Two months later, we are in season two, picking up from where we’d left off. Now that the gloves are off, Baba Nirala doesn’t need to pretend that he is a good guy. Except when he is in his durbar, where hordes of daily visitors come for his blessings, he is busy with what he does best: preying upon unsuspecting young women, and playing politics with the ‘netas’ who come begging for his help.

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