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A young man was beaten up in a village robbery

Sasni. Nominees beat up a man from Aligarh in the village of Kotwali area for attending his friend’s wedding ceremony from Aligarh. Because of which he got injured. The victim has complained of assault in Kotwali. The police is investigating the matter. On Monday, Mayank son Prempal Singh, a resident of Aligarh in The Tahrir, has said that he came to the village of Lutsan to attend his friend Sonu’s wedding. Where he was going to the edge of the road for a small meal after having dinner. Then the nominees came on the bike and caught him and brought him down, and slapped the stomach and mouth of the slap, causing him severe injuries. Meanwhile, a crowd of people gathered to hear the cry. The nomad fled after seeing the crowd. The victim complained to the people who came to the wedding procession and their friend Sonu and if they told the names of the accused, at first, the friend Sonu asked the nominees to return the goods, then later threatened to kill them by indecently not giving the goods back. Began The injured reported the incident at the police station. Police is investigating the case. Inspector in-charge Gaurav Saxaina said that Tehriar was found. The case is being investigated.

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