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A young man from Saudi Arabia has extended a helping hand to the helpless Suniti

By Shyamsundar Datta, Triprua State: Poor Suniti Sarkar of Uttarmura area of Aralia village under Charilam RD block. Ishan Sarkar, a son, and Bhabna Sarkar, a daughter, have been living in a dilapidated house for the past seven years in the home of a Muslim man. The fence of the house is broken. The rain actually falls on the water. The field gets wet due to fog. Suniti Sarkar worked as a mason Jugali. Somehow he is taking care of his family with great difficulty. On the day of Shubh Vijaya Dashmi, fish and meat are boiled by picking jackfruit seeds from the road and then feeding the children. Seeing this scene, Charilam’s journalist Jyotirmoy Saha went to the house of helpless Suniti Sarkar and came with fish, meat, eggs, oil and pickled vegetables. The news went viral in an instant. Seeing this news, MD Salim, son of Mahfuz Miah, a resident of Jaipur, Agartala, Tripura, sent Rs 5,000 from Saudi Arabia to the helpless Suniti government through a bank account. On the day of Lakshi Pujo, i.e. Friday morning, Jyotirmoy Saha, a journalist from Charilam and Sumon Dev, a journalist from Bishalgarh Road, went to Suniti Sarkar’s house in Uttarmura and came to Suniti Sarkar’s house with Rs 5,000. Suniti, who was overjoyed to receive Rs 5,000, said that she will be able to live happily with her son and daughter in the days of Lakshmipujo. Helpless Suniti thanked MD Salim K. Listening to this humane work of MD Selim

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