Saturday, May 15, 2021
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A tragic incident took place in Tulsibil

By Shyamsundar Datta, Tripura State: A tragic incident took place in Tulsibil, Gosaigaon subdivision of Kokrajhar district of Assam on November 2. The lives of five members of a family ended like never before. Nirmal Pal started a happy family with his wife and three daughters in a rented house. But next time Nirmal Pal suffered a loss in business and became indebted. Nirmal Pal got into a lot of trouble due to the lockdown. He could not think what to do. The people from whom he had taken money started demanding a refund and got into an argument. He had to be ashamed and humiliated many times. People used to come to his house and work. He used to pressurize the council to pay the money. They were studying in high school. But on the morning of November 2, it was all over. Puja students came to the house to do tuition but the door of the house was closed. There was no sound from inside even after many shouts. Then the local neighbors broke down the door of the house. Police recovered a suicide note from the house and it was learned that Nirmalpal could not repay the loan of around Tk 23 to 25 lakh. Nirmal Pal and his wife Mallikpal made a difficult decision. He committed suicide by hanging himself with his three daughters. Police are continuing the investigation. John’s body was returned to Tulsibil. There was a tearful atmosphere all around.

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