Thursday, June 17, 2021
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A fire broke out in the bank’s generator, causing chaos.

Ghorval / Sonbhadra. A fire broke out in Indian Bank’s generator located in Ghorawal Nagar, causing panic. Bank service was also disrupted for almost two hours. In this accident, the generator generator contracted by the bank was burnt. The incident was at 11 in the morning. At that time there was a rush of customers in Indian Bank. The building in which Indian Bank Kharuao Ghoraval operates is on the top floor. A photo studio and private hospital open on the main floor below it. The bank’s large generator is placed on the main floor below. It was said that suddenly the smoke started coming out of the generator and caught fire. When the eyes of the people fell on the smoke and fire, there was an atmosphere of panic among the people. Residents flew around the place containing the generator. Bank personnel escort customers out. Bank staff got out after closing the shutter. This accident increased the concern of the patients admitted in the private hospital.

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