Thursday, June 17, 2021
Home Citizen News A dharna demonstration by the workers of the forest department.

A dharna demonstration by the workers of the forest department.

Demonstration performed by the laborers at the forest department nursery at Gram Sabha Sirsia Thakurai (Bhoksa) under Karma Chowki in Sonbhadra district, in which the workers said that the government wage is ₹ 202 but we are being paid only ₹ 120. During this time people also say that the forest officer was promised ₹ 300 per bed. But only 25 paise is being given. People also say that after opposing this, we were abducted and threatened to be removed from work by the Inspector of Forest Department, Sirsia Thakurai. During this, Santosh Pandey, Tehsil President of Indian Human Rights Association, Tehsil Vice President Nandishwar Prajapati ji was present. Santosh Pandey Ji assured the laborers that we are with the laborers and will continue to get the wages fixed by the government.

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