Sunday, June 20, 2021
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92-year-old philanthropist of the city vaccinated with the second dose

Khargone. 92-year-old Ghasilal Champalal father of the Kanthalia family in Brahmanpuri, not only got himself vaccinated the second dose but also inspired 5 sons and daughters-in-law to get vaccinated. Ghasilal has a total of 25 members in his family. All the family members above 45 gave the message of rescue by getting the vaccine. First son Dineshchandra 67 years and daughter-in-law Lakshmi 64 years, second son Ramakrishna 58 years and daughter-in-law 56 years, third son Shyamsunder 55 years and Mamta 53 years, fourth son Murli Manohar 53 years and Sangeeta 51 years and fifth son Mukesh 51 years and Bahu Archana 45 years have also got vaccinated. All these brothers have their own separate businesses. District Immunization Dr. Sanjay Bhatt, NM Rita Sirsa and Suraj Gupta, Very Fire Arpita Pathak, and Megha Sisodia were present during the vaccination at the old hospital center.

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