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90 percent disabled youth Oli Ahmed Ilyas deprived of disability allowance

By Shyamsundar Datta, Tripura State: Oli Ahmed Ilias (31), a 90 per cent disabled youth, was the victim of the Ram government’s indifference. Babura, an official of the present Ram government, seems to have set an example of extreme dictatorship by cutting the allowance given by the Left period in one day’s notice. According to the details of the incident, Oli Ahmed Ilias, a resident of Ward No. 3 of Boxnagar Panchayat in the middle of Boxnagar RD Block area. Unable to speak from birth. As a result, he has been given 90 percent disability certificate in terms of disability. His father Aminul Islam was a school teacher by profession. As a result, despite his son’s inability to speak, Oli Ahmed Elias has somehow been able to pass the fifth grade due to the efforts of his father. But now his father Aminul Islam has retired after finishing teaching. Elias, meanwhile, was given an allowance for his son, who is unable to speak or do normal work, during the Left government. As a result, it was possible to meet the demand with one’s own allowance. But it is as if the sky has fallen on 90 per cent disabled Elias, as if the evil eye of the present government has fallen on him. On 15th September, the present CDPO of Boxnagar block. On the basis of a notice, the allowance of the disabled Elias was deducted. Meanwhile, according to Aminul Sahib, the father of Elias’ retired teacher, a notice sent from the Boxnagar block stated that the allowance paid by his son Elias had been stopped due to his father’s teaching job. But Aminul Babu claimed that the disabled son’s allowance could not be related to his father’s job. Aminul Babu has retired from the service even seven months before the notice was issued on the date mentioned by the block. He has all the necessary evidence. He claims that there is a vicious circle behind the duplicity of the allowance given by his disabled son. As a result, he dema

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