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45 years ago, devotees in the Ganges were offered prayers by offering sacrifices in the fire

Harpalpur 30 November. On Monday, on Karthik Purnima, about 90 Ganga devotees who were immersed in a boat 45 years ago at the Baragaon-Arjunpur Ramganga Ghat, paid tributes to Katri residents by offering prayers at the Havan and offering a lamp. Under the banner of Panchanad Vikas Sangharsh Samiti, the people along with the victims and affected families, while remembering the drowners, reiterated their resolve to fight at every level for the construction of the bridge. People, including the librarians of Yajaman Panchanad Samiti convenor Avanikant Bajpai and Shri Saraswati Sadan Hardoi, under the chairmanship of five Acharyas Rajiv Mishra, Ramanand Shastri, Bhagwatacharya Manoj, Pt Haribabu and Somesh Shastri of Katari village, Badgaon Patharpurwa, Shyampur, offered prayers in peace. Along with committee convenor Avanikant Bajpai, people said that the true tribute to the 90 Ganges-infested boaters on the Kartik Purnima Ganga-Snan festival and Kartik Purnima of 45 years ago in 1975 is only when the bridges at the Baragaon-Arjunpur Ramganga Ghat are built.

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